In Which I Spew Obscenities…

When my news feed blew up about Fred Phelps I thought they were talking about that olympic swimmer who was all over the headlines awhile (Years?) ago. (Wasn’t his last name Phelps? Probably not, I don’t care enough to look it up.) When I saw the Westboro affiliation the satisfaction people took in his illness, and now death, made more sense. I logged on this morning to this article in my news feed and felt compelled to talk about it.

First, I saw some posts urging people to protest the funeral and that kind of pissed me off. You (The general “you”.) were all bent out of shape because he, his family, and his church were protesting funerals, right? Okay. You said “That’s not right!”, “Have some respect!” “Fucktards!” (I’m paraphrasing.) So, the guy dies and the first thing YOU think is “It’s our turn to picket you, asswad!”

Okay, you’re a fucking hypocrite.

I understand the desire to give them what they’ve been dishing out but to do so will validate everything they’ve done. By taking that road you are making it a viable option. You are saying that this sort of behavior is okay if it suits YOUR outlook and YOUR beliefs. The best thing to do is ignore the occasion. If you’re religious, how about saying a prayer for the bastard, it’s not going to hurt you any to do so, it might even help if you’ve been affected by his people and their protesting and general outlook on things. Forgiveness, right? Or at the very least, indifference.

So, to the article, the Westboro Baptist Church has asked people not to picket, they are asking you to “have a little decency and respect by allowing us to mourn a great man who served God and tried to protect America from the threat of fags and perverts (i.e. gays and U.S. Soldiers).”

After seeing this, I can’t help but think they want people to picket. I don’t know why, maybe more publicity? They don’t seem rational so it’s up to us for cooler heads to prevail, right? Right?

Well, if they are sincere and this statement is not a ploy for some nefarious purpose then they are asking the people who hate them for the same courtesy that they denied others. I find that inspiring, it shows a faith in the very people they shun. Perhaps a hidden hope that with their leader gone they will find the way to forgiveness by following the actions of the people they hate with such ferocity.

…Fucking hypocrites!

There, you have something in common, now be a decent human being.


About CLeflar

Crystal Leflar is a blogger book reviewer, previously with Fantasy Magazine now for Hell Notes and Horror Novel Reviews. She’s a Promotion Specialist and slush reader for Nightscape Press and an Acquisitions Editor for Pavor Nocturnus. Her fiction has appeared in a variety of anthologies and she has several projects in the works.
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2 Responses to In Which I Spew Obscenities…

  1. Vitina Molgaard says:

    Crystal….The swimmer is Michael ….that said you are right the ignorance and hypocrisy abound. People need to say a prayer …I do believe in prayer and God…and then say another prayer for their own attitudes. and let this go. The now deceased man has his own place and things to deal with, and as a believer that means God….the many things and cruelties that have gone before his death are done. People need to get on with their own life and let this man be buried unhindered. Anyone who believes they are justified in returning the hatred by behaving the same way are just as guilty as Phelps and his group are/ were. An unfortunate set of circumstances being compounded by the threats of retaliation…a sorry situation….just me…vitina

  2. Justin says:

    Well stated, I was listening to a program about this the other day on WFYI (support public radio!) and they interviewed a guest who had known Mr. Phelps (Fred not Michael) a long time ago when he was a lawyer. It was stated in the interview that the man speaking, I forget his name, would remember the Phelps from time past, the lawyer who with his resources and the happenstance of being born white, would take numerous civil rights cases defending minorities against injustice because he was able where so many were not due to limited resources at the time, or due to them being minorities themselves and being judged because of it. So strange to think of a man who would spend his early life fighting for peoples rights who could not fight themselves, and becoming what he became, its so bizarre. What changed in him? what made it possible for him to fight civil injustice only to commit civil atrocities later? I think of the children holding signs scrawled with messages of hate, in many cases probably not even aware of the true meaning of the messages they held, standing side by side with children who were able to grow up in a world with more opportunity and less judgment leveled at them because of the color of their skin, and I wonder how both children could count the same man in some part responsible.

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