In which I support tasteless jokes (and make one of my own)

It seems that people are offended again! *gasp*

Joan Rivers is the villain this time because of a statement she made on The Today Show when asked about living in her daughter’s guest room. “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space.” 

Personally, I chuckled when I saw the video. It’s an absurb remark, people, not meant to be taken seriously. It’s why an alien in a wig or a talking milkshake can make jokes about rape and be funny (Hello, American Dad and ATHF.) it’s not meant to be taken seriously. It’s meant to shock you and make you uncomfortable. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

I’m glad she isn’t going to apologize. Why should she? She had a point when she said, ““One of them has a book deal. Neither are in a psych ward. They’re OK, I bet you within 3 years one of them will be on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’”

She made a joke and they’re making a lot of fuss for people who don’t want any publicity. Did they go through a terrible ordeal? I suppose they did, I tend to avoid reading about things like that because they’re fucking depressing. (I’m aware but I don’t want, or need, to know the details.) Are they milking the attention now in an effort to make up for lost time? Sure seems so to me and why shouldn’t they? But such a strong reaction to an off hand remark seems contrived.

(“Gee, people seem to have forgotten about our ordeal…wait! Joan Rivers made a joke about it; this is perfect! Let’s make a fuss and we’re bound to be “trending” again!”)

But I am a bit cynical, especially when it comes to people and their motivations.

Anyway, I made a tasteless joke after the recent Boston marathon bombing, I thought it was hilarious. Did it mean anything other than something occured to me and I found it amusing? Nope. That’s it. You have to be able find some humor in tragedy, you know, or you’ll never survive.

(My joke went something like, “RE: Boston Bombing: Adult Swim’s new add campaign?”)



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Crystal Leflar is a blogger book reviewer, previously with Fantasy Magazine now for Hell Notes and Horror Novel Reviews. She’s a Promotion Specialist and slush reader for Nightscape Press and an Acquisitions Editor for Pavor Nocturnus. Her fiction has appeared in a variety of anthologies and she has several projects in the works.
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