Read. Write. Review.

I’ve received a lot of review requests lately so…want me to review your book?

These are my terms!

I prefer to read Dark Fiction, in all its forms, but I’m open to anything if it catches my interest.

Physical copies are preferred and will have a quicker turn around. If you offer a physical copy you will definitely receive a response, even if I’m not interested in your book. Reading for long periods on my laptop gives me a headache and I’m too poor to justify buying a kindle. If you chose to send a physical copy and I chose not to review it, I will tell you why (if you want to know) and I’ll donate the book to my local library or pass it along to someone who will enjoy it so it’s in circulation and not collecting dust on my bookshelf.

I don’t guarantee reviews. Sorry.

Contact Me at domesticatedmuse at gmail dot com.

Include a summary of your book or a link to a description and if I’m interested in reading it, I’ll let you know.

Please state in the email which format you’re able to send and if you’re interested in being interviewed after I read the book.


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